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Durable 400mm Cardboard Tubes

Our cardboard tubes can be customised to the size of 400mm. They are extremely durable, bespoke and of a high-quality, guaranteeing you that your delivered goods stay in great condition by the time it passes to the desired location. Our 400mm cardboard tubes are made above the industry standard to help you get the piece of mind you deserve.

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Custom Tubes: 400mm Cardboard Tubes

We have a wide array of stocked sizes in our shop, but if you’re looking for a more bespoke approach to your postage, then consider our bespoke services. We can create 400mm cardboard tubes for you and you revery need, and even print your company branding and logo on the side. With endless possibilities, you’ll never fail to find a postal tube that fits your exact specifications. 

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Customer Trust

Building trust with our customers is a big goal of ours when it comes to our 400mm cardboard tubes, and in turn, all our other products. When you buy from us, you gain a direct line to the manufacturers (us), so if you have any questions or need advice on cardboard tubes, then we are only a call or email away.


delivery Times

We also provide a great delivery service, with all our stock products being able to be delivered to you with next day delivery. Our bespoke postal tubes, including the 400mm cardboard tubes, will be with you within 3-5 days also. We pride ourselves on making the best cardboard tubes we can; and so, come to us for all your 400mm cardboard tube needs.

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