Barrel Plugs for postal tubes

postal tube white plastic plugs for postal tubes , in different sizes

Buy High Quality Barrel Plugs

When it comes to mailing and storing documents, blueprints, posters or artwork, ensuring their safety during transit is essential. 

Which is why here at Postal Tube Shop we offer quality plastic plugs ideal for securing your shipments. 

Our high quality barrel plugs are designed to provide a snug, secure fit, protecting your valuable items from dust, moisture, and damage during transit. 

Choose Postal Tube Shop for reliable and durable solutions that give you a peace of mind with every shipment. 

Bulk Purchase Postal Tube Barrel Plugs

For business that frequently ship postal tubes, purchasing barrel plugs will mean you can save costs and ensure you have an ample supply to hand. 

How to choose the right tube diameter 

Make sure to select a plug size that matches the internal diameter of your postal tubes. Here at Postal Tube Shop, we offer these standard sized circular postal tubes: 

  • 38.1mm
  • 50.8mm
  • 63.5mm
  • 76.2mm
  • 101.6mm
  • 152.4mm
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Stacks of postal tubes with end caps at the end

Environmentally Friendly Postal Tubes Plugs

We are a fully environmentally friendly company, dedicated to sustainability. Our large postal tubes are made exclusively from recycled materials and are fully recyclable.

Every component of our products, from the postal tubes to the plastic plug ends and even the water-based glue, is eco-friendly and reusable.

Our tube winding process is entirely free of chemical waste, and any cardboard waste generated is re-pulped, allowing it to be repurposed repeatedly in the production of new cardboard products.

Why choose Postal Tube Shop?

We pride ourselves on being a reliable and consistent company. As the manufacturers of large cardboard cylinders, ordering from us means you’re cutting out the middleman and dealing directly with the creators.

This direct relationship provides you with a single point of contact for any queries, advice, or order details.

For urgent needs, we offer next-day delivery on stock products and a 3-5 day lead time for bespoke projects.

Our commitment to consistent high quality ensures our large postal tubes are extremely strong and protective. We use materials that exceed industry standards, ensuring your contents remain safe and secure during storage or shipping.