Black Postal Tubes

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Eco-Friendly Black Paper Tubes

We have a variety of coloured postal tubes, including black postal tubes, that we produce are made from recycled materials, so you can feel good about recycling them after use.

We also do our part to be environmentally friendly by producing no chemical waste during the production process and re-pulping any cardboard wastage for up to three products!

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Highly Durable Black Cardboard Tubes

If you’re sending something fragile as a present and want to ensure it arrives safely at its destination then why not use our black postal tubes?

We’ve designed them with the perfect size for rolled sheets so that there’s no room for movement.

Our material is stronger than industry standard meaning they are highly durable in shipping or storage situations!

You can also buy postal tubes in bulk to save money in the long run if you are planning to use a lot of tubes.

Custom tubes
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Custom Black postal tubes

Postal Tube Shop can craft custom postal tubes with any required dimensions, no matter how large the diameter (ranging from 34mm to 656mm) or long.

If you’d like your postal tube in a different colour than black, we also offer customisation options for other colours, text and logos that are sure to leave an impression on the recipient.

A reliable company

When you purchase from us, we make sure the process is as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Our cardboard tubes for artwork are sourced directly from the manufacturers (us) to ensure a competitive pricing structure without cutting out any of functionality or features.

We offer next day delivery on all stock black cardboard postal tubes with 3-5 days lead time for custom orders so that your shopping experience can be everything it should be!

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