Christmas display with trees, animals and snowflakes made from postal tubes

Popular Display Tubes

Our range of cardboard tubes are perfect for all your display needs. We have a variety that will suit any application, from using it in film sets and shop window displays alike!

We’ve created some noticeable props in high-profile movies. From Roman shields in Gladiator to oil drums in James Bond, we have a track record for crafting historic pieces that will last forever!

Our cardboard display tubes are perfect for customising with any paint and can be covered with lining paper to achieve your desired outcome.

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Our Guarantees With Cardboard Display Tubes

Our display tubes are capable of supporting items as heavy and large-sized a washing machine. It can be sawn, screwed or stapled in drum form.

We have the facility to create any size display tube, up to 13 metres in length. We’re perfect for large film sets that need an efficient and creative solution.

They’re easy to move and light, which means they won’t get stuck or bend with a strong force like other display tubes.

Then there are other materials that can be used to make cardboard tubes.

These multi-layered coils already will not burn easily on their own but when encased in a retardant, they even more fire-resistant!

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Eco-Friendly Display Tubes

Our products are made with eco-friendly materials. The water based glue we use for bonding is 100% recyclable, and even the packaging can be recycled after it’s used!

We use many methods to eliminate waste in our production process. The tube winding machine itself doesn’t create any chemical or paper wastes at all! Cardboard from these processes can even be re-used for future projects if necessary.


Quick Production and delivery

The best way to maximise your value for money with cardboard display tubes is by purchasing directly from manufacturers like us.

We offer a wide range of services that are tailored to your needs. Our team can deliver UK next day delivery for stock products and can manufacture and deliver custom cardboard tubes in just 3-5 days!

As a further effort to ensure we provide excellent customer service, all of our orders can be fully traced, so you are always aware of when your order should arrive without any hidden surprises.

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