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Our Cardboard Tubes

Our cardboard tubes are made with the strongest and most durable materials, ensuring that your product arrives at its destination safely.

Whether you’re shipping or storing products of any size, our tube will be able to withstand it all!

We don’t just give you a cardboard tube – we provide new opportunities for recycling and environmental protection.

Our products are created from 100% recycled paper, ensuring that they’ll always be sustainable in production with their chemically waste-free process.

We offer next day delivery on all off stock items to make sure you’re getting what you need when time is tight.

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A Variety Of Sizes

Our paper postal tubes come in a variety of sizes. If you need to mail small items, we have the smallest option at 38mm length for your needs and can create completely bespoke solutions if needed.

Our longest tube is 656mm with no limitations on diameter so size should not stop you from mailing anything!

If you need a more detailed discussion of our sizing, there are plenty of ways to contact us.

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We offer the most eco-friendly cardboard tubes in Essex. They’re made from recycled materials and help to reduce our carbon footprint for you, your customers, and us!

The tubes are made from 100% recycled cardboard, which means there’s a reduced environmental footprint. Moreover, they can be recycled up to three times more!

We are committed to a safe and chemical-free production process because it is important for us to maintain an environmentally friendly approach to the creation of our products.

We’ve recently released our newest innovation, tucked-ends tubes. This packaging technique completely eliminates the need for excess cardboard and plastic in order to create a partial seal on your tube!

Customisable Tubes

Do you want to add a personal touch to your paper? We can create custom, branded postal tubes for all of our customers. Nowadays people care as much about the packaging as what’s inside!

Customised cardboard postal tubes are also available in a range of sizes, made to fit the size and shape of any given product.

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