Cardboard Tubes For Tape And Label Manufacturing

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Are you in the business of tape and label manufacturing? If so, you understand the importance of quality and reliability in every component of your production process. 

Cardboard tubes offer excellent support and can prevent damage to your tapes and labels during winding, transport and storage.

Based in Essex, we supply high quality and durable label roll core to customers throughout the whole of the UK. 

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Core For Labeling Machines And As Tape Core

Here at Postal Tube Shop, thats why we offer a wide range of high-quality cardboard tubes for a range of uses: 

Label Rolls: Cardboard tubes are used as cores for label rolls, which makes it easier to dispense and apply labels in various industries such as packaging, logistics and retail. 

Adhesive Tapes: Whether its masking tape, duct tape, or any other adhesive product, cardboard tubes provide the necessary structure to keep the tape intact and easy to use. 

Additionally, depending on your specific requirements, cardboard tubes can be customised to suit the width, length and core diameter needed for your personal needs. 

label roll cores in machine

Eco-friendly Tape And Label Core

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, choosing cardboard core for tapes also comes with friendly advantages. 

These roll cores for textiles are reusable and can withstand multiple shipments. This reduces the need for single-use packaging materials like cardboard boxes and reduce packaging waste.

Furthermore, the lightweight design of our cardboard tubes for label roll core result in reduced fuel consumption during transportation – resulting in a lower carbon footprint. 

The manufacturing process is chemically waste free and as a company, we are constantly evolving to extend our eco-friendly product range, such as our tucked end cardboard tubes which are plastic free.  

Why Choose Postal Tube Shop For ?

At Postal Tube Shop, we’re not just your typical textile tube provider – we’re your friendly partner in keeping creativity flowing with cardboard tubes.

Our adhesive tape core are created from sturdy and eco-friendly materials, ensuring that your creations can stand the test of time. 

We offer an extensive range of tube sizes. From small and compact tubes to large diameter tubes, you’l, find the perfect fit for your projects. 

Our prices are competitive, we have eco-friendly options, and above all, we’re committed to making you happy.

So, choose Postal Tube Shop for a friendly, reliable, and eco-conscious solution that puts your valuable items first – we’re here to help!

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