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Our Cardboard Tube Range

We use only the best materials to create our cardboard tubes in Hampshire, ensuring they can withstand a lot of wear.

We’ve got the best tubes around! They’re sturdy, reliable and will keep your product undamaged on its journey.

Our 100% recycled paper products are better for the environment and make us stand out from other companies.

With our chemical waste free process, you can rest assured that your cardboard tubes will be environmentally-friendly without compromising the integrity of the product.

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What Are Cardboard Tubes Used For?

There are many products that you may not realise have a great need for cardboard tubes, for example:

  • Posters – Possibly one of the more obvious uses, you will usually find posters in these containers.
  • Arts & Crafts – For certain art and DIY projects, cardboard tubes can be very important elements for their creation.
  • Commercial products – There are plenty of products like toilet roll and wrapping paper that require cardboard tubes to function appropriately.
  • Storage for certain artwork – Similar to posters, but tubes can also be important for storing artwork, either professionally or at school.
  • Storage for particular items – Lastly, it can be used to store everyday items, like bottles, making it extremely versatile. 
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Our Eco-Friendly Initiative

These recycled cardboard tubes are made of a durable, recyclable material that means they can be used again and again.

We envision a future in which we use our natural resources responsibly. We want to protect the health and safety of workers, as well as preventing damage to the world by building sustainable practices into every stage of production.

The new innovation of the tucked-ends tube will revolutionise shipping! It eliminates excess cardboard or plastic and still leaves a seal that is tamper proof.

Made-To-Order Postal Tubes

Now you can get the perfect personalised tube to suit your business and showcase it in a unique way. It’s ideal to display creativeness with branding or personalisation when using these products!

We make sure that you always get what you need with our wide range of options of sizes, so there’s no more worrying over whether or not it will fit perfectly every time.

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