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Cardboard Tubes Delivered To Kent

We use only the strongest and most durable materials when crafting our cardboard tubes.

Our tubes will ensure that your products reach their destination safely, preventing any damage or loss in transit! This also goes for our initial cardboard tube delivery to Kent for you.

We all know the struggles of shipping and storing things, especially when they are fragile. That is why we created a tube that can withstand anything – no matter how big or small your items may be!

Though all of our tubes are strong, if you want guaranteed maximum resilience, our industrial cardboard tubes are a perfect solution.

We also offer next day delivery on all stock items to ensure you will get what you need in a timely manner.

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A Selection Of Sizes

Our paper postal tubes come in a variety of sizes and lengths. The smallest is 38mm long, perfect for mailing small items that other companies might not be able to fit inside their packaging.

The longest tube we have is 656mm, and with no limitations on diameter it’s never a problem to mail anything that you need!

If you’d like to know more about how our sizing works, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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An Eco-Friendly Solution

These recycled cardboard tubes in Kent are incredibly eco-friendly. They’re made from 100% postconsumer materials, which means we recycle things that people have already used!

There are many environmentally friendly aspects to these tubes. Not only do they reduce the environmental footprint because of their recycled cardboard content, but also due to how easy it is for them to be recycled three times more than a standard tube!

We insist on a safe and chemical-free production process because we are committed to maintaining an environmentally friendly approach to the creation of our products.

The newest innovation from our company is the tucked tube. This technique completely eliminates the need for excess cardboard and plastic in order to create a partial seal on your product!

Customising Options

Adding a personalized touch to your paper is easy with custom branded postal tubes. You can have the date of shipping, recipient’s name or address and even company logo printed on the tube so that all recipients will know it came from you!

Another aspect of customisation is that we have aplethora of sizes are available for our postal tubes, made to fit the size and shape of any given product.

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