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High Grade Postal Tubes

We supply our customers with outstanding cardboard tubes in Yorkshire, which are the perfect choice for a selection of different purposes.

Our tubes are most commonly used as postal packaging to send products within. We use high quality materials to create our tubes to ensure your delivery will reach your recipient in pristine condition. 

As a sustainable company we create our tubes to be fully recyclable, allowing them to be reused over and over again.

For any of our clients who order our products in bulk, we can offer next day delivery which means the delivery of your items can fit around your availability.

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Versatile Sizing

Our postal tubes are available to our customers in a completely flexible stretch of sizes, so you can rely on our packaging when sending any items of any size in the post.

The sizes we supply vary from 38mm in length, most suitable for small items, all the way to 656mm for larger items. There is no limitations on diameter size, grating you the opportunity to send whatever you wish!

For any particular very specific size requirements, our team are able to produce a bespoke options.

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive any recommendations and support to choosing the right sized tubes for your needs.

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Eco Friendly Tubes

Our cardboard tubes are made to be completely recyclable and come from recycled sources, they can be used time and time again!

The chemical waste free process our products go through when being created ensures that we remain an environmental-friendly company, whilst keeping the high standard of our products always.

Bespoke Tubes

We provide a variety of customisation options for our cardboard tubes. These include custom branding, colours and sizes. As we are the manufacturers, we are able to provide bespoke cardboard tubes to meet your specific requirements.

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