Carpet Core Tubes

warehouse with carpet and someone driving a forklift to pick up a carpet wrapped round a core

Looking for Cardboard Carpet Tubes?

Carpet tubes, also known as carpet cores or carpet rolls, are cylindrical cardboard tubes used in the carpet industry for packaging, shipping, and storing carpets.

Protect carpets from damage with high quality cardboard carpet tubing from Postal Tube Shop. We offer a wide selection of custom size cardboard tubes to roll carpets around them for easy transportation and storage. 

Core Tubing for Carpets, Textiles and more

The core tubes we offer provide vital support for carpet rolls and textiles, keeping them safe and secure during storage, shipping and installation. Using strong core tubing, carpet manufactures can simplify their processes and boost efficiency. 

Beyond carpets and textiles, our core tubing finds application in various industries including paper manufacturing, printing, packaging and more. 

Custom Column Tubes

We’re all about customisation, offering core tubing in lots of different lengths, widths, and thicknesses to fit exactly what you need. Whether you want standard sizes or something special, we’ve got you covered.

You can pick from a bunch of colours for our core tubing, so you can find the perfect match for your brand or packaging style.

And if you want to add your own touch, we offer branding services where we can put your company logo, name, or other branding on the tubing. It’s a great way to make your packaging stand out and show off your brand.

textile wrapped round core tubes
Close up view of cardboard postal tubes

Advantages Of Column Tubes

Using column tubes for carpet cores offer several advatanges in the manufacturing and handling process, such as: 

Protection and Preservation: Column tubes keep carpets safe during storage and transit, shielding carpet against damage. 

Convenience in handling: Carpet tubes make it easier to lift and manoeuvre carpet rolls during manufacturing, transportation and installation. 

Space optimisation: Tubes allow neat stacking of carpet tolls , maximising storage capacity in warehouses and retail spaces. 

Environmental friendliness: The postal tubes we supply are made from sustainable recycled cardboard , reducing the environmental impact. 

Why Choose Postal Tube Shop For Cardboard Carpet Tubes?

At Postal Tube Shop, we go beyond the ordinary when it comes to cardboard carpet tubes and core tubing rolls – we’re your dedicated partner in nurturing your creative spirit with eco-friendly materials.

Our carpet tubes are crafted using robust and environmentally conscious materials, ensuring your projects withstand the test of time.

We offer a wide range of carpet tubing sizes, from compact options to larger diameters, tailored to meet your cement tube needs.

Our prices are competitive, and we also provide eco-friendly tubes alternatives because we’re deeply committed to your satisfaction.

So, make Postal Tube Shop your top choice for a friendly, dependable, and eco-conscious solution that prioritises your valuable creations – we’re here to assist you!

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