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Kind To The Planet

Postal Tube Shop is dedicated to being as eco-friendly as possible, we strive to make sure we treat the planet as best as we can.

Our eco-friendly mailing tubes will always be made from recycled products which massively contributes to reducing our carbon footprint.

All of our tubes are fully recyclable as they are made from cardboard and can be recycled three times more after use. 


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An Eco-friendly Company

We pride ourselves on the fact that our manufacturing process is completely eco-friendly and leaves zero waste. Our tube winding process which our products undergo is always chemical free, which is minimising our effects on the environment hugely.

The glue we use for our cardboard tubes is water based so there are no materials which would harm the environment. Any leftover cardboard is re-pulped externally and then can be used numerous amounts of times in other products we make.

Every type of eco-friendly postal tube we supply to our customers are always recyclable, whether your purchase custom colours or even decide to use plastic ends for your products – they will always be recyclable.

We want to build a sustainable future, and with our cardboard tubes, we can do just that.

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How do we support the environment?


All of our products are completely eco-friendly with every element considered. The cardboard itself is sourced from recycled products and can be recycled up to three times further in future coloured cardboard products.

The plastic plug ends are also fully recyclable and even the glue we use to bind the tubes together is water-based to allow for easy break-down.

We have no chemical waste in our tube-winding process and are constantly on the look-out for further ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Our newest product eliminates plastic entirely by using excess cardboard to create a partial seal, replacing the plastic plug ends.