Firework Mortar Tubes

postal tubes used as mortar tubes for fireworks

A Leading Mortar Tube Manufacturer

Postal Tube Shop is the go-to manufacturer for all cardboard tubes in the UK, including mortar tubes.

When it comes to fireworks, we understand that safety is of utmost importance. This is why we produce our mortar tubes online to be highly reliable so that you can meet safety standards.

Our mortar tubes for sale are made from high-quality materials and have passed independent tests for superior durability.

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A Variety Of Cardboard Mortar Tubes

Our company is not only in the business of manufacturing cheap mortar tubes but also Catherine wheel spindles and mine pots.

We have a wide variety of sizes to suit your needs. We can also produce custom postal tubes beginning from 34 mm in diameter, and they’re all customisable!

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Firework Mortar Tubes Safety

Fireworks can be incredibly dangerous if they are conducted correctly. Mortar tubes are continually used within the fireworks industry, where they are used for professional fireworks displays.

Due to the risk of danger for attendees, it is important to incorporate health and safety procedures when conducting an event. Our Mortar Tubes for sale will always ensure the safety of our customers is a priority. They are manufactured and created with the British Standard for Fireworks (BS 7114).

Creating our cardboard mortar tubes in line with these regulations means that our tubes are safe for professional displays only.

Competitive prices and reliable deliveries

Buying from a manufacturer is the best way to ensure you get an authentic product at an honest price.

We can send your orders quickly and efficiently by cutting out the middleman. You’ll also be kept updated on where they are at all times!

All of our stock mortar tubes are eligible for FREE next-day delivery; however, we will require 3 to 5 days for more bespoke mortar tube orders. This is essential in ensuring you get the best product specifically tailored to your needs.

Eco-friendly Mortar tubes for sale

As a company, we are completely environmentally friendly and strive to protect the planet for future generations. Every area of our business is considered, from how mortar tubes will be delivered to what chemicals are used during tube winding processions on site!

We make sure to re-pulp all waste cardboard to be reused for any cardboard products we will create in the future. Furthermore, all the materials we use to make our postal tubes are recyclable.

From the glue used for tube winding to the plastic end plugs, we make an effort so that everything we use for tubes cannot negatively affect the environment.

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