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We use stronger cardboard than most of our competitors, telling you, the customer, that we constantly strive to improve our products to ensure that your contents is kept in the same condition you sent it in, during the entire delivery and storage process.

Our industrial postal tubes essentially speak for themselves, guaranteed to help you get some peace of mind when sending your valued goods.

We look to ensure that we provide heavy duty postage tubes that are durable and able to meet the requirements of your company.

If you’re still not sure on the strength of our cardboard tubes, then read our blog: “are cardboard tubes durable?“. Hopefully, it helps!

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Industrial Cardboard Tubes: Reliable, Eco-Friendly, And Economical

Our wide selection of heavy duty postal tubes are all 100% made from recycled fibres, and wastage is kept to an absolute minimum.

On top of that, when buying in bulk, the price will reduce in correlation with the amount you have ordered.

Also, buying industrial tubes directly from us, the manufacturers, means there is no middleman, leading to another cut in costs ever so convenient for you, our customer. 

Why choose us?

Postal Tube Shop is a completely eco-friendly company, with our aims set towards making the planet a better place, we achieve this by using fully recyclable materials. This not only saves you on costs, but helps to make the environment a better place.

We take pride on our speedy delivery service, which ensures your product arrives to you as quickly as possible, working around your busy schedule. 

 Our experienced customer service team are knowledgeable on all things when it comes to cardboard tubes. They are ready to answer any enquiries you may have regarding your order or support you with recommendations for your order.

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We love to build relations with our customers, and so, when you buy straight from us, you gain a direct line to speak to us for any advice, questions, or concerns.

We also provide top quality delivery services, with any product able to be delivered to your doorstep by next day delivery and our bespoke products being delivered to you within 3-5 days.

We are the ideal company for you, especially if your industrial postal tube needs are urgent.

Bespoke Industrial Cardboard tubes

Above and beyond, we also offer to create products with any length ranging from 38mm to 1300mm and a diameter ranging from 22mm to 656mm when using our bespoke service.

We can also make recycled, branded heavy duty cardboard tubes especially for your company, either by wrapping the tubes in our stock colours or alternatively printing your branded colours, text, or logo directly onto the tubes themselves.