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Here at Postal Tube Shop we have the ability to create postal tubes of any diameter, ranging from 34mm to 656mm.

For diameters over 300mm, we replace the plastic plug ends with MDF disks which are cut to size.

If you have a specific product needing to be shipped or stored, we have the ability to create the perfect fitting casing which guarantees a safe and secure environment.  

Custom tubes

Eco-Friendly Large Diameter Postal Tubes

All of our products are created from recycled materials and are fully recyclable after usage.

Our tube winding process is chemically waste-free and any cardboard waste is re-pulped and then reused in further cardboard products (up to three times).

Every element in our production process has little impact on the environment, including the glue we use to bind the cardboard tubes together, we ensure this is water based to help with the breakdown of the product.

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Bespoke postal tubes

We have the ability to create fully custom large diameter postal tubes, not only with tailored measurements but with custom colours and branding. We have a selection of stock colours which we wrap around the round cardboard tubes themselves and we are also able to print colours directly onto the postal tubes.

This is ideal for companies who wish to create branded postal tubes to package their products in before they are sent to their customers. In addition to coloured large diameter postal tubes, we can any required text or logos onto the tubes. 

Quick Production and delivery

By purchasing directly from the manufacturers, you gain access to an extremely quick and efficient production process for your large diameter postal tubes. Any stock products can be delivered with UK next day delivery and any bespoke round postal tubes can be both manufactured and delivered within three to five days.

All of our orders are delivered quickly and are fully traceable, we provide you with the whereabouts of your order(s) at all times and an estimated delivery time, minimising any time spent waiting for your order to arrive. 

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