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Large Shipping Tubes

At Essex Tube windings, we look for perfection. We want our customers to be able to come back time after time, knowing each time that they get the exact same quality of poster shipping tube. So, if you need to ship posters cheap, there’s no better supplier than us. If you have any questions regarding our cardboard tubes, then please get in touch today for more information.

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From our quality to effectiveness, we’ve made sure our large shipping tubes fit the bill. As mentioned, we like to make all of our tubes perfect, just for you. Not only that, but we also make our tubes eco-friendly as you can recycle them up to three times! The process of production is also chemical-free. More merits, the merrier! We also have no minimum or maximum order quantity. If you need one, or you need ten thousand, we’ve got you sorted out.

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Large Shipping Tubes Durability

Our poster shipping tubes are fire-resistant. Yes, you heard right: fire resistant! Not only that, but our large shipping tubes are durable, strong, and are sure to protect the content at all costs. When you buy from us, you can really sit back and relax, knowing every tube is checked on quality, and your packaging is in safe hands. Try them out for yourself if you don’t believe us, or get in touch via email or phone regarding our cardboard shipping tubes, and we’ll try and talk you through our tubes!


Custom Cardboard Tube Packaging

In addition to all that, we offer a customisable service where you can get any colour of your choice and your branding on your large shipping tubes. This is great for business, as you can get tube packaging just right for your company. Although we offer next day delivery for our stock products, our custom tubes require a 3-5 day lead time to ensure that they are perfect! So, if you have any questions, just get in touch or enquire!

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