Helping The Environment

Our Packaging Tubes are entirely eco-friendly, with all components considered; the glue used is water-based, the plastic plugs are recyclable as are the packaging tubes themselves. We are chemically waste free due to the winding process of the tubes not producing any wastage. We are proud to be an environmentally friendly company and will continue to be to help and preserve the environment.

Custom Tube Diameters Are Available

We are able to create custom packaging tubes for any specific packaging needs, depending on size and quantity of the order we aim at a 3-5 day lead time. We are also able to offer customisation on our packaging tubes from coloured tube outers, anti roll end closures for added security or just custom packaging tube sizes.

High Quality Packaging Tubes At A Competitive Price

There is no middle man involved when you purchase straight from the manufacturer, we are able to contact the customer directly and the prices are direct from the manufacturer. Buying straight from us allows you to ask any questions and address any queries about our packaging tubes.