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Paper Packaging Tubes For Business

We provide paper cylinders for businesses in a wide range of sizes and can create any size required.

Our paper cylinders are of the best quality in the industry; designed and built to be strong, durable, and even fire-proof. For any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

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A Reliable Company

We want to provide you the best paper cylinders possible. We’re committed to perfection, and we assure our customers that no paper cylinder leaves our factory with any form of imperfection.

Not only that, but our paper packaging tubes are also extremely eco-friendly, being made from 100% recycled cardboard, and our manufacturing process has minimal impact on the environment, with every element being able to be recycled.

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Eco-Friendly Paper Cylinders

As mentioned, our paper cylinder’s are made from 100% recycled cardboard fibres, being able to be recycled up to three times! Our paper cylinders entire production process is also chemical-free, allowing businesses to finally choose packaging that doesn’t harm the environment in major ways.

Not only that, but we also try to reduce our eco footprint in many other ways. Recently, we’ve recently brought our a new tucked-end product, that you can now find in our store!


Customisable Paper Cylinders

Our custom paper cylinders service allows you to create products to any size you wish. We can also put your very own business branding on the sides, with your brand colours and logo options.

Get in touch today to enquire for our custom paper cylinder service. We do require a 3-5 day lead time on our custom service, however, so our usual next day delivery offer will not apply for bespoke tubes.

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