Postal Shipping Tubes

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Bulk Shipping Tubes

Our postal shipping tubes are ideal for companies who wish to send a number of products in a rolled format.

When buying in bulk, the overall cost is reduced greatly; the number of products correlating with the decreasing cost.

Our stock products are available for next day delivery with sizes ranging from A3 to B0.

If you require custom shipping tubes, we are happy to manufacture bespoke sizes for your exact needs with a 3-5 day lead time. 

Custom tubes

High-Quality Cardboard Shipping Tubes

Our main aim is to create the highest quality postal shipping tubes, our tubes are manufactured from materials higher than the industry standard, ensuring for heightened protection when your products are in the shipping process.

Any contents sent to the recipient is to arrive in the exact same condition as it was sent in when using our tubes.

Our postal tubes help sustain your products from any damage when in delivery or storage. 

Our Products
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Eco-Friendly Postal Shipping Tubes

We are a completely environmentally conscious company, taking every element into consideration, from the cardboard tubes themselves to the manufacturing process and our chemical waste impact.

All materials are sourced from previously recycled products and have the ability to be recycled or decomposed of safely after usage, including the cardboard, plastic plug ends and even the water-based glue used to bind the tubes together has no impact on the environment. 

Purchasing Directly From The Manufacturers

By purchasing your postal shipping tubes directly from the manufacturers (us), you are automatically introduced to a fair pricing structure due to removing the middle man.

Our prices are conveyed clearly from the beginning with no hidden fees or additional extras shown in the checkout process.

You are additionally provided with a direct line to us for any questions, queries or advice on any of our products, our team of professionals will be happy to help whatever the situation.

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