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Poster Tube Holder

Based in Essex, we supply high quality and durable poster tubes to customers based throughout the UK, offering nothing but simple and fast deliveries.

Whether you’re looking for basic postal tubes or custom poster tubes with tucked ends and plastic plugs, Postal Tube Shop is your first choice.

Poster packaging tubes are an essential tool for artists, designers, and anyone who wants to protect their valuable artwork, posters, or documents during storage or transport.

These cardboard poster tubes offer a secure and convenient way to keep your creations safe from damage, creases, and moisture.


The Benefits Of Using Poster Tubes For Shipping

When it comes to shipping valuable items like posters, artwork or documents, durable poster tubes offer numerous advantages over other packaging options such as cardboard boxes and giffy bags. Advantages include: 

  • Protection from damage: Poster tubes provide excellent protection against posters bending and creasing in transit. 
  • Easy to handle: Whether you are packing, unpacking or transporting, the cylindrical shape makes them convenient to carry and stack, minimising the risk of mishandling during shipping
  • Cost-effective shipping: Due to their lightweight and compact design, the poster storage tubes we offer are often less expensive compared to bulkier packaging options like cardboard boxes.
  • Versatility: These poster containers can accommodate various sized of posters and documents. Theres a tube size that fits your needs. 


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Eco-friendly Poster Tube Holder

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, choosing poster packaging tubes also comes with friendly advantages. 

These packing tubes for posters are reusable and can withstand multiple shipments. Meaning that the need for single-use packaging is reduced. Furthermore, the lightweight design of poster tubes results in reduced fuel consumption during transportation – resulting in a lower carbon footprint!

The manufacturing process for poster tubes is chemically waste free and as a company, we are constantly evolving to extend our eco-friendly product range, such as our tucked end cardboard tubes which are plastic free.  


Why Choose Postal Tube Shop For Poster Packaging Tubes?

At Postal Tube Shop, we’re not just your typical poster tube provider – we’re your friendly partner in keeping your precious artwork, posters, and documents safe and secure.

We’re all about making your postal tube shipping and storage experiences as smooth as possible.  Whether you’re an artist, a collector, or a business owner, we genuinely care about ensuring your items arrive in pristine condition.

Our prices are competitive, we have eco-friendly options, and above all, we’re committed to making you happy. So, choose Postal Tube Shop for a friendly, reliable, and eco-conscious solution that puts your valuable items first – we’re here to help!