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Bespoke Printed Postal Tubes

Postal Tube Shop have the ability to produce completely custom printed postal tubes, including tailoring all areas, from custom sizes to adding company logos. We are able to create printed postal tubes with a diameter ranging from 34mm to 656 mm and no maximum or minimum length.

Bespoke service

Heavy Duty Printed Postal Tubes

Our custom postal tubes are extremely durable and are able to withstand shipping and mailing conditions. The materials we use in the production process are sturdier and stronger than the industry standard, making our custom postal tubes the safest way to transport or store your products.

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Competitive prices and reliable deliveries

By purchasing directly from the manufactures (Postal Tube Shop), you are automatically presented with a fair pricing structure. We cut out the middle man, meaning we are able to send your orders with both speed and efficiency, informing you of the whereabouts of your order at all times. All printed postal tube orders are delivered within a 3-5 day lead time and can be tailored in a variety of ways. We are able to print your desired colour directly onto the tube itself, in addition to printing any text or logos onto the printed cardboard tubes.

Eco-friendly printed postal tubes

As a company, we are completely environmentally friendly, with every area being considered; from the custom postal tubes themselves to the amount of chemical waste produced in the tube winding process. Any waste cardboard is re-pulped and reused in further cardboard products and all materials used to create the custom postal tubes are fully recyclable, including the cardboard itself, the plastic end plugs and even the glue used in the tube winding process is water based meaning our products have non affect on the environment. 

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