Quality Postal Tube End Caps and Plugs

Welcome to Postal Tube Shop – your friendly one-stop shop for high-quality plastic tube end caps and plugs for your postal shipping needs.

Our postal end caps and plugs are an affordable yet effective way to secure your postal tubes. Plus, we offer bulk discounts, making it more economical for businesses that ship large quantities,

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Postal Tube End Caps and Plugs



Postal Tube End Caps and Plugs



Secure Your Shipments with High-Quality End Caps and Plugs

Are you looking for reliable end caps and plugs for your postal tubes? Our premium range of postal tube end caps and plastic plugs are designed to provide a secure seal, ensuring your documents, posters, and other rolled items are protected during transit.

Made from durable materials, these end caps and plugs fit snugly into the ends of your postal tubes, preventing any damage or loss.

Perfect Fit for Every Tube

Finding the right size end cap for your postal tubes has never been easier. Our range includes sizes from A1-A3 and B1 with 50.8 internal diameters, ensuring a perfect fit for all standard tubes.

With a secure fit, you can ship your items with confidence, knowing they are well-protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are postal tube end caps?

Postal tube end caps are protective caps designed to cover and secure the ends of postal tubes. They help protect the contents of the tube during shipping and storage by providing a secure closure.

What are postal tube end caps used for?

They seal the cap of the postal tube completely and give the consumer extra protection from their product inside being damaged. Postal end caps are the best option for your postal tube; they are secure and look professional, especially when using postal tubes for business use.

Are the postal end caps/plugs reusable?

The plastic caps we offer can be reused multiple times. However, after each use, the condition of the plastic plugs may deteriorate, and eventually, you may want to buy spares.

What size of postal tube end caps are available?

Our high quality postal tube plugs are available in six different sizes to fit internal diameters ranging from 38.1mm to 152.4mm. However, if you require specific measurements, please get in touch with us, and we will try our best to accommodate your request.