Postal Tube Plastic Plugs


Tube Plugs



Standard Postal Tube Plastic Plugs

Our postal tube plugs come in two different styles. Our standard plastic plugs come in a choice of six internal diameters, ranging from 38.1mm to 152.4mm. All of our postal tubes come equipped with plastic plug ends however we are able to sell them separately in the scenario where you misplace of loose your existing plastic plugs or even if you would like to keep spares just in case.

Anti-Roll Postal Tube End Caps

Our second option for postal tube plastic plugs are our innovative anti-roll postal caps. These are available in 50.8mm only and fit our postal tubes perfectly. They are designed to limit movement when in storage and transit, ideal for fragile artwork and prints. If you require any specific sizes please contact us and we will hopefully be able to accommodate your request.

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative?

As an eco-conscious company, we are proud to offer tucked ends for postal tubes. These are postal tubes where the ends are neatly tucked in, providing enhanced protection and security for your products.