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Buy Stock Wrapping Paper Tubes

We supply a range of stock long cardboard tubes suitable to use as wrapping paper tubes. 

At Postal Tube Shop, our wrapping paper tubes are some of the best around. We’re committed to supplying our customers with the best there is.

The primary way we build trust with our customers is through our quality. Combined with our great customer service, our main goal is for you to feel totally comfortable buying thick-walled paper tubes from us every time, without any doubts or concerns.

We do it right, just for you.

Stock Postal Tubes

Bespoke Wrapping Paper Tubes

If you’re wondering where to get wrapping paper tubes, try out our made to order service where we are able to manufacture long postal tubes with a diameter of up to 656mm and no maximum length.

Ideal for large documents or artwork needed maximum protection from our large postal tubes.

Bespoke service
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Environmentally Wrapping Paper Tubes

We are a completely environmentally friendly company, meaning our postal tubes are manufactured from recycled materials only and are products are fully recyclable.

All materials used in our process including the cardboard tubes themselves, the plastic plug ends and even the water based glue used are eco-friendly and able to be reused.

Our tube winding process is entirely chemically waste free and any wastage cardboard is re-pulped, allowing it to be used again and again in further cardboard products. 

Reliable and consistent

We pride ourselves on being a reliable and consistent company, as the manufacturers of cardboard tubes suitable for wrapping paper. When you choose to order through us you are cutting out the middle man and dealing direct with the creators.

This means you are provided with a direct point of contact to us for any queries, advice or order details.

If your long and thin postal tube needs are urgent we can arrange for any stock products to be delivered with next day delivery and any bespoke projects to be completed and delivered with a 3-5 day lead time.

Our consistent high quality ensures for extremely strong and protective postal tubes.

We use materials stronger than the industry standard, meaning our wrapping paper tubes keep your contents safe and secure when in storage or shipping. 

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