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Cardboard Cylinder Packaging

At Postal Tube Shop, we try our very best to get you the best cylinder packaging we can make. Our postal tubes go above and beyond the industrial standard, being durable, efficient, and cost-effective in relation to its overall quality.

If you want to protect your products when shipping, then our paper cylinders are the right choice. No stone is left unturned at Postal Tube Shop, and our paper cylinder packaging proves just that.

If you have and burning questions or queries about our cylinder packaging, then please contact us via email or phone, and we’ll be sure to reply back with a meaningful and helpful answer.

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Reliable Cardboard Cylinder Suppliers

When we make our cardboard cylinder packaging, we make them a little differently from most others. We pride ourselves on the fact that our paper cylinders are made from 100% recycled cardboard fibres, and our entire production process is chemical-free!

That means that our cylinder tubes are chemical-free, and quite frankly, really good for the environment! This goes for all products, including long postal tubes.

There’s nothing more rewarding than providing quality paper cylinder packaging whilst also helping out the environment!

We want to build a sustainable future, and with our cardboard cylinders, we can do just that!

You like trust when purchasing, right? Well, there are so many benefits from buying directly from us, the manufacturers.

Firstly, that means that there is a direct line of contact and communication, so you can get to the root of any problem super fast; and two, the price is slashed, as we are cutting out the middle sales man!

If you want cheap, trusted cardboard cylinder packaging, then look no further, because we’ve been doing this for a long time now, and we can say with confidence, that our cylinders are some of the very best around.

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We have the ability to create completely custom, coloured cylinder packaging, including white postal tubes with a matching white plastic plug end. We can brand your paper cylinder packaging, colouring the sides and even adding your brand logo onto the side of the packaging.

This is great for personalising your cardboard cylinders in general and will increase brand awareness exponentially. This service is ideal for creating branded postal tubes, along with printing any required text and company logo around the paper cylinders. For custom tubes please contact us or use our online form on our sister site.

Eco-friendly paper cylinder packaging

All of our products are completely eco-friendly, with every element considered. The cardboard itself is sourced from recycled products and can be recycled up to three times further in future cardboard cylinder packaging products. The plastic plug ends are also fully recyclable and even the glue we use to bind the tubes together is water-based to allow for easy break-down.

We have no chemical waste in our tube-winding process and are constantly on the look-out for further ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Our newest product eliminates plastic entirely by using excess cardboard to create a partial seal, replacing the plastic plug ends.