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We have so many variations of Postal Tubes that for many, it may begin to get a little overwhelming.

If you’re stuck on where to start, well – we’ve put all our pages in once place: here.

At Postal Tube Shop, we care about giving you exactly what you want, for the exact use you need Postal tubes for. If you’re still stuck, just contact us and we’ll be sure to help you as quickly as we can.

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About Postal Tube Shop

Our wide selection of postal tubes are all 100% made from recycled fibres, and wastage is kept to an absolute minimum. On top of that, when buying in bulk, the price will reduce in correlation with the amount you have ordered.

Also, buying directly from us, the manufacturers, means there is no middleman, leading to another cut in costs ever so convenient for you, our customer.

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When you buy from us, we love to build a relationship between the customer and us. At postal Tube Shop, we believe that our customers deserve secure communication between you and us. You can call or email us at any time, and we’ll be sure to answer as quickly as we possibly can. We also provide our customers with top quality delivery services, as we believe that’s what every customer deserves. Any stock products are available for next day delivery, excluding custom tubes which may take up to 3-5 days to adequately fulfil your order.

Above and beyond, we also offer to create products with any length ranging from 38mm to 1300mm and a diameter ranging from 22mm to 656mm when using our bespoke service and custom service. We can also make recycled, branded bespoke postal tubes specially for your company, either by wrapping the tubes in our stock colours or alternatively printing your branded colours, text, or logo directly onto the tubes themselves.

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