High-Quality Anti Roll Tubes

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We offer 4 sizes for anti-roll postal tubes including: A1, A2, A3 and B1

Anti Roll Tubes



Anti Roll Tubes



Anti Roll Tubes



Anti Roll Tubes



Secure enclosure for postal tubes

Our tubes are perfect for protecting and shipping posters, blueprints, artwork and more. Made from durable, thick cardboard and featuring an innovative anti-roll design, our tubes prevent items from rolling or bending during transit.

Plus, end caps are included for added protection. And if you need a custom size or branding option, we provide that too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are anti-roll tubes used for?

Anti-roll tubes can be used to ship paintings, prints and posters, these tubes will prevent artwork from rolling and creasing. Textiles like clothing can also be neatly rolled or stored in anti-roll tubes. Anti roll tubes and plastic plugs will prevent wrinkles and damage while optimising storage space.

Can i reuse anti-roll tube plugs?

Yes, the plugs for anti roll tubes can be reused multiple times, as long as they remain in good condition

How do i choose the right size anti-roll tube?

Measure the length and diameter of your product rolled up and select a tube that is slightly larger to ensure a comfortable fit. At Postal Tube Shop, we offer anti roll tubes sizing from A1-A3 and B1.

Are there any special handling restrictions for anti-roll tubes?

Make sure to handle anti roll tubes with care, especially when inserting and removing the plug cap. Store these tubes in a dry place aswell in order to prevent moisture damage.