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Highest Quality Materials

Our heavy duty postal tubes are made from materials sturdier than the industry standard, meaning when in shipping and storage, any item within the thick walled paper tube is kept safe and secure at all times.

We can guarantee your products will arrive in the same condition they departed, due to our perfected measurements allow for no movement to be made when the plastic plug ends are inserted.

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Bespoke Heavy Duty Postal Tubes

For documents and artwork with specific measurements, we offer a bespoke service which allows for the creation of heavy duty postal tubes at any measurement, with no limitations.

We are also able to customise our heavy duty postal tubes in terms of colours, and printing desired text and logos directly onto the postal tubes. 

We believe that no matter the postal tube you choose, you should always have excellent customisation options that will allow you to make the product your own.

This is particularly useful for businesses who want to ship out products with branding, but also for people who want to send personalised gifts.

Bespoke service
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Industrial Postal Tubes

The Postal Tube Shop are always looking to provide cardboard postal tubes for a wide range of sectors. Being the leading cardboard tube manufacturers in the UK, The Postal Tube Shop provide heavy duty cardboard tubes for the industrial sector.

Our heavy duty postal tubes are great for withstanding pressure to ensure maximum support from heavy weights. When it comes to industrial postal tubes, The Postal Tube Shop does it the right way.

With short lead times, we can manufacture and supply industrial postal tubes within a short space of time so you can operate your project quickly and efficiently. Just get in touch with The Postal Tube Shop and specify your requirements for our quality heavy duty cardboard tubes.

Eco-friendly Heavy Duty Postal Tubes

We are an entirely environmentally friendly company and our heavy duty postal tubes are no exception.

Although we use the highest quality and strongest materials available, all elements are completely recyclable; including the postal tubes themselves, the plastic plug ends and even the water-based glue used in the tube winding process.

The manufacturing process is chemically waste free and as a company, we are constantly evolving to extend our eco-friendly product range, such as our tucked end cardboard tubes which are plastic free. 

an honest and reliable company

We pride ourselves on being an honest and reliable company. Our prices are transparent and fair.
By purchasing directly from the manufacturer (us) we are able to give our customers a competitive pricing structure for all of our products, including both stock products and bespoke orders.
We are able to offer next day delivery on all of our stock products and any custom projects can be produced on a 3-5 day lead time.
All deliveries are fully traceable, with information on the order’s location and estimated arrival time to ensure there is no waiting around for orders.

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