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We supply quality tubes for new and existing users. All of our postal tubes are made from 100% recycled fibreboard and are fully recyclable; from the cardboard tubes themselves to the plastic plugs and even the water based glue we use. Our tube winding process is completely chemically waste free and any waste cardboard is re-pulped and reused in further cardboard products. We are constantly on the lookout for additional ways to improve our eco-friendly status and eliminating the need for plastic in our products with innovative solutions. 

Bespoke Tubes

We have numerous machines which cover over 100 tube diameters ranging from 34mm through to 656mm with availability in any length, perfect for any specific measurements you may need to accommodate for.  In addition to our vast manufacturing capabilities, we also hold stocks of popular postal tube and mailing tube sizes available for next day delivery if your packaging needs are urgent. Stock product sizes range from A3 to B0. 

Cardboard Cores For All uses

We produce cardboard tubes and cores which can be used for postal tubes, mailing tubes, piling tubes, shipping tubes, transportation, firework mortar tubes, reel centre cores, display tubes and many others. This makes postaltubeshop.com the one stop shop for cardboard cores and tubes in the U.K.

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