Custom Postal Tubes

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High-Quality Custom Postal Tubes

With our postal tubes, we also offer the ability to customise them.

Our custom postal tubes are produced with the highest quality materials, which are stronger and sturdier than the industry standard.

Our aim is to keep your items in the exact same condition as when they are originally sent off.

We offer extra protection for heavy duty contents, such as our stapled ends to ensure the products enclosed are completely safe and secure.

For this reason, we also provide heavy duty postal tubes as one of our many types of custom tubes.

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Custom Printed Mailing Tubes

We produce postal tubes with all types of customisation. This could be as simple as getting large postal tubes or having specific colours.

The dimensions can be altered to your exact product, which is ideal for creating a shipping method that allows no movement of the contents inside.

So if you need small postal tubes, you won’t struggle to get them here.

Our custom postal tubes can also be personalised in specific colours and branding.

We have a variety of stock colours to create your coloured tubes, or we can print your bespoke colour directly onto the tube itself with additional text and your logo if required.

Common popular colours among our customers are both black and white postal tubes.

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Custom Bespoke Postal Tubes

Our service of printed bespoke postal tubes can offer your business a unique feature for your product packaging. We can produce bespoke postal tubes and make personalised material which meets all your brand requirements. These items can be suited to any area of your branding, including adding a company logo and colours or having a custom size to fit your product accurately.

Your custom postal tubes can be made in a range of sizes of diameter ranging from 34mm to 656 mm and no maximum or minimum length.

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Environmentally Friendly Process

As a company, we pride ourselves on having minimal environmental impact. Although our custom postal tubes are created to the highest quality possible, this does not affect their eco-friendly qualities.

Our custom postal tubes are created from recycled materials and can be recycled up to three times in further cardboard products after usage.

The manufacturing process is also environmentally friendly, producing no chemical waste in the tube winding process; even the glue we use to bind the cardboard together is water-based.

We are constantly evolving our eco-friendly status, with our newest product being entirely plastic-free, using excess cardboard to create a partial seal. 

A Reliable Company

By choosing the custom postal tube manufacturers to purchase your products from, you automatically remove the middleman, resulting in quicker production rates and higher-quality service.

You are provided a direct line to us for any questions or queries, which is ideal for ensuring you have the perfect measurements for your custom postal tubes.

We also deliver your custom-printed mailing tubes within a 3-5 day lead time, and our deliveries are fast, efficient and fully traceable.

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