Small Postal Tubes

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High Quality Short Postal Tubes

Our small postal tubes are created from materials higher than the industry standard, resulting in packaging which has the durability to protect the contents inside without being susceptible to damage.

Our smallest diameter is 22 mm, and our minimum length measurement is 38 mm. Wall thicknesses range from 1 mm to 15 mm.

We can create completely bespoke short postal tubes depending entirely on your requirements. For advice regarding measurement, please contact us

A Reliable Company

Postal Tube Shop provides small diameter postal tubes for both commercial and domestic uses, we are able to fulfil orders with no minimum or maximum quantity.

All of our orders are carried out quickly and efficiently, in both the production stages and the delivery.

Stock products can be delivered with next day delivery and any bespoke mini tube order is manufactured and delivered within 3-5 days.

Order small postal tubes online today at postal tube shop and experience the efficiency of our delivery service.

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Eco-Friendly Mini Postal tubes

Our small postal tubes are completely eco-friendly, from the materials sourced to create the postal tubes to the glue used to bind the tubes together, every component is considered. All of our products are fully recyclable, and even the tube winding process is chemically waste free. Buy our small postal tubes today, so you can see for yourself!

Any waste cardboard produced in the manufacturing stage is re-pulped and then reused up to three times further. As a company, we are constantly evolving and trying to minimise our wastage even further.

The plastic plug ends are also fully recyclable and even the glue we use to bind the tubes together is water-based to allow for easy break-down. 

Custom Short Postal Tubes

In addition to creating custom sized postal tubes, you can buy small postal tubes in any colour and customise with your branding. We can either use our stock colours to wrap your postal tubes or we can print your branded colours directly onto the short postal tubes themselves.

If you own a company, our branding services are extremely ideal, by printing your company’s logo, branded colours and any additional text creates a professional and respectable image for your business when customers receive your products.

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