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Long Lasting Red Tubes

At Postal Tubes, our manufacturers create all of our cardboard tubes to an outstanding quality to ensure your products are received in the same condition as they were sent in.

They are made to resist any disturbances when being sent in the post and are composed with high end materials to ensure this.

We offer a service to fully customise your products to be however you’d like them to. You are not restricted simply to just red coloured postal tubes, we have the ability to bespoke your tubes to any colour you’d like so you can choose your favourite.

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Trustworthy & Supportive 

We believe we are a very reliable and dependable company and our clients can have trust that they are purchasing from a loyal manufacturer. When buying tubes from us we will confidently provide an acceptable yet truthful price guide, and support you with any queries through our direct line.

Our team are always happy to assist any custom requests for the size of your red postal tubes, so you’re able to use our products for your desired choice.

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white postal tubes being manufactured in factory

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Custom RED Postal Tubes

We are able to fully bespoke any product you order including red postal tubes, then adding a matching plastic plug end. You have the option to choose any coloured cardboard you would like for part of your packaging, which we can then wrap in a particular colour or print a certain design on.

Our range of sizes for our tubes to be made between are lengths from 38mm to 13000mm, diameters from 22mm to 656mm and wall thicknesses from 1mm to 15mm.

This is highly recommended for a company with a brand image in order to convey their message, this is through printing a logo and any required text onto the tubes.

Eco-friendly Red Postal tubes

All of our products are completely eco-friendly, with every element considered. The cardboard itself is sourced from recycled products and can be recycled up to three times further in future cardboard products.

The plastic plug ends are also fully recyclable and even the glue we use to bind the tubes together is water-based to allow for easy break-down. We have no chemical waste in our tube-winding process and are constantly on the look-out for further ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our newest product (tucked end postal tubes) eliminates plastic entirely by using excess cardboard to create a partial seal, replacing the plastic plug ends.